Oil pastels are life
"Sext: I know these are suppose to be sweet and cute but I’m just really sad and I want to lay in your arms and maybe have you play with my hair I don’t know I miss you."
"You know what. Fuck you.
What was I. What were me. Because lying and making out with my best friend isn’t a relationship. It’s fucking hell. You wanted to be with someone else well here you fucking go. See how they put up with your bullshit. You can’t fuck with people like this. You asked me to prom with no intention of going. You blame me for addictions you had long before. On my worst day you ignored me and left me to call my friend. YOU FUCKED ME OVER AND NOW I’M BROKEN AND IT’S BEEN 2 MONTHS LONGER THAN WE DATED AND I FUCKING HATE YOU!"
everything I wanted to say but couldn’t get out

Stop setting yourself on fire for people who want you to burn

kissed you on new years
You spit galaxies into my lungs
And I knew I was fucked

I kissed you in the theater
Movies forgotten your lips aligned with mine and I never felt so complete
My heart burst out of my chest and you scooped it off the ground

I kissed you in my bed
Your hand on my thigh and I was ready to scream I was so happy
I was prepared to hand you my soul just to hear that little whimper again
And I never thought this was real

I kissed you after a play
And I didn’t know it was the last one
And if I had I would have gripped you even tighter
You should have burnt you fingers into my skin because then 3 weeks later when I thought I was doing the right thing I would have realized you were the one

And I wouldn’t be crying next to my moms sleeping figure stealing cigarettes and cutting after a month of being free texting you to take me back because I fucking fucked up

"You were my 11:11 wish and my 10:25 heart break"
"My mother said she knew I’d break your heart.
But you broke mine 3 weeks ago.
I just made it official."
Accidentally draws album artwork
"I can only write half of a song because you are taking up my whole fucking mind"